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The Gig Is Up Seattle Seahawks!

I am sure most of our New York readers have ventured to a stadium beer vendor once or twice or twelve times before.

However, has that adventure led to one of our readers deciding to go with the smaller cup instead of the bigger cup because you didn't want to pay the extra Benjamins?

That may have been a bad choice.


SB Nation posted this video from two YouTube knuckle heads, who may have broken the biggest story of the new decade.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "What a crock of (insert expletive)!"

It seems like the Seahawks fixed the problem before Saturday's Divisional Playoff game against the defending champions, New Orleans Saints (4:30 p.m. on NBC). But it does gets a fan wondering, "What's going on with the beer sales at my stadium?"

Don't worry, I am sure many more knuckle heads at each NFL stadium will be testing this theory when the 2011-'12 season starts -- well, that's if it ever does start.

Anyway, here's to the 2011 NFL Playoffs and to hopefully getting what you pay for!