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NBA Power Rankings: Knicks 16th, Nets 26th

The SB Nation NBA Power Rankings are out for Week 10, and our overlords at the mothership have thrown us a curveball. Rather than ranking teams by conference, as has been done previously this season, SB Nation has done one large ranking of all 30 NBA teams.

The New York Knicks (19-14) are 16th overall in the new power rankings, and sixth among Eastern Conference teams. The Knicks face a huge test tonight at Madison Square Garden when the San Antonio Spurs (29-4), ranked No. 1 in the power rankings, invade Madison Square Garden.

The New Jersey Nets (9-25) find themselves all the way down at No. 26 in the power rankings. The lowly Nets are still sinking, and still hoping to find a way to convince Carmelo Anthony to come on board and try to right the ship.

After San Antonio, the surging Miami Heat are No. 2, Boston is No. 3, the Dallas Mavericks are No. 4 and the Chicago Bulls No. 5.