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Brett Favre: Two More Jets Employees File Suit

Come on!

Just when we all thought that maybe, just maybe the era of Brett Favre and his shenanigans would come to an end.

Two massage therapists are now saying that sexually suggestive text messages cost them their jobs with the New York Jets.

"Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole sued the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, the Jets and a Jets massage coordinator Monday in a Manhattan court," reports

"The lawsuit comes days after the NFL fined Favre $50,000 for not being candid in an investigation into allegations that he sent lewd text messages and photos to a Jets game hostess."

"The lawsuit says Favre sent a third, unidentified massage therapist a 2008 text message asking whether she and Scavo 'want to get together' and suggesting he had 'bad intentions.'"

"Scavo claimed that after she and O'Toole refused Favre's advance they were never offered work with the Jets again. The suit alleges that sexual harassment, sexism and inappropriate behavior are rampant in the Jets' locker room and training camp."

These reports come a day after Favre seemed to tell the Minnesota Vikings, reporters and fans that -- take his word for what it really is -- he is ending his historic, yet recently annoying, career and retiring.

Sorry folks, looks like there will be at least a few more months before No. 4 disappears for good.