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Eli Manning On Plaxico Burress: 'I Know What Kind Of Player He Can Be'

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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has waded into the Plaxico Burress discussion by saying that adding Burress to the team's current corps of receivers "would be a good thing."

"I think the Giants will look hard into that. I think they know what kind of player he is. Obviously he knows our system. It hasn’t changed. … If he proves that he’s kind of changed his life and shows he’s committed to the Giants … I think if that’s what the Giants feel, I know what kind of player he can be and we already have a great corps of receivers right now. … To throw him into the mix would be a good thing."

Manning made his comments on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio New York. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript.

Manning has been in the league for seven years now, and can most likely deal with any Burress type sideshow better than he could have during the early years of his career.

Manning's response when Kay asked him about the criticism of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler from players, especially via Twitter, was typical Eli.

The whole tweet thing, that kinda bothered me more than what happened in the game with Jay Cutler. If you’re at home, watching the game, and you’re an NFL player, you shouldn’t be allowed to tweet on anyone’s performance.

"It’s the media’s job, it’s the fan’s job. They can say whatever they want and do whatever they want. As a player, that’s not your responsibility to comment and to give your opinion on another player. As a quarterback, I don’t want another quarterback tweeting about my performance or judging me in that way."

Love that response. It captures the essence of why, while Eli may not be the league's best quarterback, he is a great representative for the Giants franchise.