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2011 Senior Bowl: Who Are The Jets And Giants Watching?

Which players are the New York Giants and New York Jets paying the most attention to this week during practice for the 2011 Senior Bowl? Well, teams put up so many smokescreens it is often hard to tell which guys they are really interested in and which ones they aren’t.

Over at SB Nation’s draft website, Mocking The Draft, they have been following the proceedings pretty closely. Following is MTD’s idea of which players the Jets seem to be paying the most attention to.

- Cameron Jordan, DE, California
- Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia
- Dwayne Harris, WR, E. Carolina
- Lee Smith, TE, Marshall
- Kendric Burney, CB, North Carolina

Reports from Senior Bowl practice are gushing praise for Jordan, who would look nice as an end in Rex Ryan’s 3-4. He seems to have pushed his way into the top 10, though, and looks out of New York’s reach.

There has been no real word on what players the Giants are watching this week. You would have to think, though, that they are keeping their eye on the various top-tier offensive tackles performing this week.