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Decisions Forthcoming For Jets

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A quick overview of some key decisions the Jets will have to make this off-season before getting in-depth in the coming weeks

Holmes or Edwards? - Or both. It will be interesting to see how Mike Tannenbaum approaches attempting to sign both of the Jets premier wide receivers. From everything I have heard and read, Holmes is a bigger priority but it will be hard to let Edwards walk after the type of season he put together.

No Country for Old Men - It sounds like Jason Taylor, Mark Brunell and Trevor Pryce are both going to retire. LaDainian Tomlinson will likely be back to finish out his contract but with a reduced role in the offense. Kris Jenkins will have to take a big pay cut to stick around, and the same might go for Damien Woody. The Jets will have a very tough decision to make on defensive lineman Shaun Ellis, the longest tenured player on the team. Also expect to see fullback Tony Richardson retire and be replaced by John Conner.

No-Cro - Originally most people assumed Antonio Cromartie would only be around one year and then Kyle Wilson would take over at corner opposite Darrelle Revis. However, since Wilson's most memorable play was an easy interception slamming off his face-mask in the AFC Championship Game, that decision may not be so cut and dry. 

Tiger Formation - Brad Smith is also a free agent who will be tough to keep around, especially if the Jets attempt to bring both Edwards and Holmes back. Smith is valuable on both offense and special teams and would be very difficult to replace.

McKnight Time - With LaDainian Tomlinson a year older and Brad Smith potentially leaving, Joe McKnight better be ready to take on a bigger role on this team.