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Rex Ryan Calls His Post-Game Rant 'Ridiculous'

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is certainly never dull, including today -- the day after his team lost its second straight AFC championship game. With a night to think about, Ryan was critical today of his own post-game remarks, in which he said people "have no right" to be critical of his team.

"That was a ridiculous statement" said Ryan.

Here is what Ryan had said Sunday night.

“Our goal for next year, I got news for you,” Ryan said.  “It won’t change.  And it’ll never change.  We’re gonna chase that Super Bowl.  We’re gonna chase it until we get it, and then we’ll chase it after that again.  But that’s it.  People wanna criticize us, then you go ahead, but you really got no right.”

Good to see that Ryan, as brash as he is, recognized how silly that sounded. Ryan also still seemed shocked by how badly his team played in falling behind 24-0.

“I’m at a loss for words for why we played that poorly,” Ryan said.  “We were missing tackles all over the place.  Our tackling was so poor it’s hard to imagine.”

Well, he now has a nice, long offseason to think about it.