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Jets Cruise Over Buffalo

Week 17 turned into a glorified pre-season game for the New York Jets as they rolled over the Buffalo Bills 38-7 in a nice stat cushion game for the backups and some starters. Mark Sanchez didn't throw a single pass, as Brad Smith saw extended work in the Wildcat and Mark Brunell threw a pair of touchdown passes. The defense forced six turnovers, including a pair of interceptions from Marquice Cole in a dominant performance over a hapless Bills offense led by Brian Brohm,

Joe McKnight took advantage of both LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene being inactive for rest and turned in 158 yards on 32 carries. Calvin Pace and Jason Taylor both played terrific games, and hopefully can roll some of their momentum into the playoffs, where the Jets opponent remains undecided but could very well end up being the Indianapolis Colts

While it was nice for the Jets to get 11 wins, there honestly isn't too much worth investing in this victory. It is time for the playoffs, which is the only place the team can back up their big words from the pre-season.