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Santonio Holmes Says It's Not Personal This Time

What is going on with the New York Jets this week? No trash talk from coach Rex Ryan. Instead, it’s been all compliments and bouquets sent in the direction of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday’s foe in the AFC Championship Game.

Even former Steeler Santonio Holmes, traded unceremoniously from Pittsburgh to the Jets before the season started, is getting into the spirit, saying this meeting in Pittsburgh is not personal.

“I think the personal game is out of the way. The personal game was (Week 15) when we played the Steelers. We got that game out of the way. I got a chance to beat those guys the first time around. This time it means everything, everything for myself, for this team, for this organization. We’re trying to get to the Super Bowl. I don’t care about the Steelers right now. Those guys are in my team’s way, which is the New York Jets. We have one goal, which is to beat those guys, and everything personal that happened (will be reflected) two or three weeks after,” Holmes said. " If we win the Super Bowl, then everything is personal. That’s a slap back in those guys’ face for trading me. Right now, it’s not even a focus of mine, and it shouldn’t be the focus of any one of my teammates or anyone in this organization."

Holmes was the 2009 Super Bowl MVP for the Steelers.

“These type of things happen to big-time players. All you can do is just keep replenishing your career,” Holmes said. “If you get an opportunity to move somewhere else, don’t give up on yourself because someone else did. That’s exactly what I didn’t do.”

Holmes caught 52 passes in 12 games for the Jets. He missed the first four games while serving a suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.