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NBA Power Rankings, Week 12: Knicks At No. 13

The basketball gurus at SB Nation have come out with their weekly NBA Power Rankings, and the news for the local is pretty much the same as it was last week. The New York Knicks are in the middle at No. 13, and the New Jersey Nets are toward the bottom of the 30-team league at No. 29.

The Knicks are 22-18, and have now lost their last two home games to Sacramento and Phoenix, neither of which resembles a Western Conference powerhouse. The Stoudemires were No. 14 a week ago.

Here is SB Nation's comment about the Knicks, one which I happen to agree with.

Once again, for the last time: The Knicks are good. Just good. Offensive fortune completely abandoned the Knicks in the embarrassing loss to the Kings on Friday; defense has been noticeably absent all year, and continued to play hookie in losses to the Jazz and Suns.

As for the Nets, now 10-31 and shuffling along with a six-game losing streak. New Jersey actually from No. 25, which was nothing to be proud of in the first place, to No. 29. Only the woeful ex-LeBron's (meaning the Cleveland Cavaliers) separate the Nets from being ranked as the worst team in the league.

Maybe the moribund Nets will land Carmelo Anthony. That never-ending story is really the only reason to even acknowledge that the Nets exist right about now.