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NFL Playoffs: Seahawks At Bears, Rootability Index

New York Giants and New York Jets fans don’t have a dog in the fight in this afternoon’s NFC divisional round playoff game between the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks (1 p.m. ET, FOX). That, however, doesn’t mean we can’t choose sides. Let’s check the rootability index for today’s game.

If you really, really like to root for the underdog you will be wanting to root for the Seahawks today. Seattle, of course, went 7-9 this season and only made the playoffs because they play in the pitiful NFC West. The Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 10-6 and were far more deserving of a playoff spot, but didn’t make it because of the divisional system.

Seattle pulled a huge upset last week when it defeated the defending champion New Orleans Saints in a game held in Seattle. So, if you really find yourselves needing to root for an underdog Seattle is your team.

There are, however, plenty of reasons to pull for the Bears today. Start with this one. If Seattle wins, they are seeded higher than the Green Bay Packers, who reached the NFC Championship Game by pounding the Atlanta Falcons, 48-21, Saturday night. So, if Seattle wins they would host the NFC Championship Game. Can you stomach seeing a 7-9 team host the divisional title game?

Here is another reason. Doesn’t Bears-Packers sound like a really cool NFC Championship Game? Two of the NFL’s original, most historic franchises meeting for the right to go to the Super Bowl. Besides which, they are bitter divisional rivals. That sounds a whole lot better to me than Seahawks-Packers.

So, I will be rooting for the Bears. How about you?