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NFL Playoff Scenarios: No Way Jets Can Get A Home Game

If the New York Jets do manage to defeat the New England Patriots Sunday in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs there is still no way they can play at home in the AFC Championship Game. The Jets are the lowest-seeded team in the AFC and would play on the road regardless of whether they are facing the Baltimore Ravens or New England Patriots.

Here is a complete look at the scenarios that we could be left with after this weekend’s action.

New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons: These are the two top seeds in their conferences. If they win this weekend, they will host the championship games.

Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers: These are the second-seeded teams in the NFC and AFC. respectively. They could get home games if they win and the top-seeded Patriots or Falcons fall.

Baltimore Ravens: If the fifth-seeded Ravens reach the title game, they will be on the road if their opponent is the top-seeded Patriots. They would, however, host the AFC Championship Game if the Jets manage to upset New England.

Seattle Seahawks: Believe it or not, the Seahawks 7-9 in the regular season, could be in line for another home playoff game if they manage to upset the Bears this weekend. Seattle is the fourth seed. If they win, and sixth-seeded Green Bay defeats Atlanta the NFC Championship Game would be in Seattle.

Green Bay Packers:
Like the Jets, they are the sixth seed. They will have to do it all on the road if they are to reach the Super Bowl.