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2011 NFL Free Agents: Who Could The Jets Lose?

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We have no idea what NFL free agency will look like this offseason, or when it might begin thanks to the messy negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement. Here, though, is a look at which New York Jets can be free agents whenever the bidding begins. I will use an (R) for restricted free agents, those for whom the Jets have the right to match any offers.

I will have comments on a few of these guys.

Kellen Clemens, QB (R) -- A five-year veteran, he has no future in New York. He will likely move on if someone offers him an opportunity to compete for playing time.

Braylon Edwards, WR -- The Jets need playmakers on offense, and Edwards can be one. I expect him to stay with the Jets.

Santonio Holmes, WR (R) -- I'm sure the Jets would like to keep Holmes. The question will be how much money they have to spend to do it. We'll see.

Brad Smith, KR (R) -- Smith does sooo many things for the Jets -- Wildcat offense, kick returns, etc. -- I can't imagine them letting him get away.

Antonio Cromartie, CB (R) -- He's not Darrelle Revis, but he's pretty darn good. He isn't going anywhere.

Wayne Hunter, OT

Shaun Ellis, DE

Trevor Pryce, DE

David Harris, LB (R)

Lance Laury, LB (R)

Drew Coleman, CB (R)

Eric Smith, CB (R)

Brodney Pool, S

James Ihedegbo, S (R)

Nick Folk, PK

Steve Weatherford, P (R)