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Opener Is A Sell Out

The New York Jets have finally sold out their season opener against the Baltimore Ravens, avoiding a blackout of Monday night’s game, the team has announced.

There are no non-premium seats available, according to Matt Higgins, the Jets’ executive vice president of business operations. There are 1,500 premium seats still available, but those seats don’t count toward the blackout rule.

About 10 days ago, the Jets revealed that 96% of the non-premium seats had been sold, leaving them about 1,500 shy of a sellout, but team officials maintained there would be no blackout. A published report Monday suggested that owner Woody Johnson would have to buy the remaining seats to avoid a blackout, but that isn’t true, according to a source.

A blackout would have been a real black mark for the Jets organization, which will be playing its first game in its own stadium on Monday. So, this is good news.