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Jets, Darrelle Revis Agree To Contract

After months of bickering, negotiating, and a TV show, the Darrelle Revis saga is over: he will play for the New York Jets next season.

Via the AP:

“It not has only been hard on u guys, but it has for me too,” Revis wrote on his Twitter page early Monday morning. “I just want to tell yall that I’m sorry for this process and I can’t wait to get back on the field.”

The Jets wouldn’t disclose financial terms of the deal, but the Daily News reported it was worth $46 million, including $32 million guaranteed.

Revis is on his way to New York to sign the contract – now the team will get to work on making sure the league’s best – though as of yet, not highest-paid, at least with this contract – cornerback can get back to work by next Monday’s season opener against Baltimore.