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NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and NHL PA Associate Council Roland Lee Statements

Both major parties have released statements (I can only assume it is past Lou Lamoriello’s bedtime) on the Kovalchuk settlement.

First, from NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly:

“We’re pleased to be able to establish bright line rules for these contracts going forward and are happy we can turn the page on existing contracts so we’re looking forward, not backward. From start to finish of the process the Players’ Association was responsive, interested and shared our objective to create certainty in this area.”

Second, from NHLPA Director of Salary Cap/Marketplace and Associate Council Roland Lee:

“We are pleased to finalize an agreement which ends the League’s circumvention investigations and also establishes rules on long-term contracts that will provide players, their certified agents and general managers clarity for the negotiation of new contracts,” Lee said. “Turning the page on this process is something that will benefit all parties involved.”