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Report: Minaya, Manuel Likely Out With Mets

A report from the New York Daily News says GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel are likely done with the New York Mets once the season concludes in a few days.

The Mets have essentially decided not to retain Jerry Manuel after this season, but are still debating Omar Minaya's role and employment status, according to people familiar with the team's thinking.

The overwhelming likelihood is that Manuel will be issued what amounts to an honorable discharge. The Mets do not expect to offer him another contract, but they like and respect Manuel, and spared him a firing over the past two years. Still, after consecutive ugly seasons, the team feels ready to move on - although no decisions will be made official until the end of the season.

Beyond that, all further details about the coming upheaval will depend on who is added to the front office. Minaya, still liked on a personal level by team hierarchy, is owed about $2.5 million for the next two seasons. The Mets remain undecided on how to handle him, although there is very little chance he will remain the general manager.

If you did not see this coming, I'm not sure what rock you have been living under. Under the M&M boys the Mets have been a moribund, stuck in neutral franchise that has been going nowhere.

I have no idea who will be in charge in 2011, but the Mets definitely need to start over.