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Jets' Roster Down To 59

Apparently the New York Jets are not wasting time lopping off players with NFL teams required to reach the 53-man regular season limit by Saturday afternoon.

The Jets have reportedly let several players go today.

Though the Jets haven’t made any official announcements, sources say they’ve cut WR/KR Larry Taylor, FB Jason Davis, LBs Josh Mauga, Brashton Satele, Boris Lee, Tim Knicky and recently-signed Ricky Foley, DTs Martin Tevaseu and Ty Steinkuhler, DE Jason Lamb, OLs Robby Felix and Chet Teofilo and safeties Donovan Warren, Keith Fitzhugh and Emanuel Cook, who had an INT Thursday night.

Among the players most likely still to be cut include CB Bo Smith, LB Corey Reamer, T David Gay and WR Brooks Foster, though he made some nice special teams plays against the Eagles.

Once the final cutdown is made, it’s likely they’ll try to bring back a couple players to the practice squad. Among those candidates include Tevaseu, a favorite of Ryan’s.