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Coughlin Clears The Air With Jacobs

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New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs expressed frustration about his role after getting zero carries Thursday against the New England Patriots.

Coach Tom Coughlin spoke to Jacobs today in an effort to soothe the big back’s feelings.

“We have always (had) a multiple running back situation,” Coughlin said. “Nothing has changed. The big thing that’s important is to realize that Brandon is as healthy as he’s ever been prior to start of season. That’s good news. So we’re looking forward to the opportunity to play with a multiple running game and the ability to use our power back in combination with Ahmad and Danny Ware. We’re look forward to that. At this point in time we do feel good about our ability to use multiple people at that spot. As you well know, over a 16-game season you’re going to need them.”

Jacobs is still important to the Giants. Watch the team, though, and it’s clear that Ahmad Bradshaw is the team’s best running back.