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Carlos Beltran: Does Trading Him Make Sense For The Mets?

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Carlos Beltran is done for the season. The New York Mets center fielder is being shut down with inflammation in his surgically repaired knee.

Beltran left the New York Mets' game against Milwaukee on Tuesday night and had the test Wednesday. Wearing a Mets uniform in between games of a doubleheader Wednesday, the All-Star center fielder explained that the news was actually good.

The doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery "said the bone bruise, everything, looks better than in past MRIs, Beltran said. "I'm happy for that part. The part that I'm not happy about is just that I wanted to finish the season playing but by the recommendation of the doctor is they don't want me to play."

Beltran was told the swelling could go down in three to four days, and he's not planning on altering his offseason program to strengthen the knee that kept him out for all but 64 games this year.

"I think the good news is there's nothing new," Mets manager Jerry Manuel said. "We were very fortunate to have him play the amount of games that he played us

Maybe so. If the Mets want to trade Beltran this offseason, however, this will make the task a bit harder.