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Jerome Bettis: Bill Cowher Could Replace Tom Coughlin

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Michael Strahan, future Hall of Famer and captain of Tom Coughlin's Super Bowl-winning Giants team, has ridden to the defense of the beleaguered coach once again.

Strahan was apparently available to Giants beat writers this morning to discuss being one of the players inducted into the team's Ring of Honor this coming Sunday. He ended up fielding lots of questions about Coughlin and the state of this former team.

Here are several of the tweets coming from the presser.

From Ralph Vacchiano: Strahan once found Tom Coughlin "unbearable". But "I look back now and think he was right. He was 100% right."

From Mike Garafolo: Strahan said Coughlin is "like your parents." You think they're wrong but realize later "he was right in his approach."

Another from RV: More Strahan on Coughlin: "Now all of a sudden people say he can't coach? I don't think that's the case."

From Paul Schwartz: Strahan says he hears "absolutely every day'' about Giants lack of leadership, says it takes "special guy'' to play that role in NY.

One more from RV: "I wasn’t afraid to give my opinion to my teammates. And when I look back I can't believe one of them didn't punch me for what I said."