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Titans At Giants: Keith Bulluck Will Be Pumped Up

According to Antrel Rolle, some New York Giants were not ready to play last weekend against Indianapolis. That will not be a problem this weekend against the Tennessee Titans for at least one Giant -- linebacker Keith Bulluck.

The veteran Bulluck, in his first year with the Giants after 10 outstanding seasons in Tennessee, is not happy about the way things ended with the Titans.

Bulluck indicated that he did his rehab work with the goal of being ready by training camp and with the anticipation that the Titans would give him a call.

According to Bulluck, no call ever came, and he said as much in a conference call with Nashville reporters on Wednesday.

"You know what? Honestly that's bull-[expletive]. I was in Arizona. I rehabbed with the Titans for the first months," said Bulluck, who tore his ACL in December. "I was in New York for the next two, and I was in Arizona until my agent said the Giants wanted me to come there for a workout.

"The last time I saw [Titans team physician] Burton Elrod was in the beginning of May, and he told me I would be ready, definitely by camp. That was just with Burton. That had nothing to do with the Tennessee Titans. No one knew what was going on with me until I worked out with the Giants. And once everyone heard I had a great workout with the Giants and that I'm healthy and everything, I think that's when everything started."

What started it, said Bulluck, was the Titans' stance that Bulluck wanted to leave Tennessee – something he said was not the case at all.

"The only thing that bothered me was the whole after I signed with New York. Honestly and truthfully before that, there was no communication with anyone. Like everything that took place after that kind of bothered me and [expletive] me off a little bit. I know the hard work I put in to put myself in position to get on the team," Bulluck said. "Of course, I would have liked to have been with the team I was with for the past decade, and that wasn't able to happen. They never reached out to me, so I did what I had to do, and the aftermath of that, we all know. So that kind of annoyed me a little bit. Other than that, it's just business, and you move on and you go."

The Giants (1-1) could use some anger and some fire on defense this week. Hopefully, Bulluck can provide it.