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Ryan: 'I'm Tired Of The Embarrassment'

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan issued a stern warning to his team shortly after Braylon Edwards apologized for his DWI arrest.

“I’m tired of dealing with these issues,” Ryan said. “I’m tired of the embarrassment to our owner, as I see it.”

His stern words came minutes after Edwards issued an apology in which the receiver, who police said had a blood-alcohol level of 0.16, acknowledged that he damaged relationship with his arrest.

Ryan is right to call out Edwards, and anyone else behaving irresponsibly. The problem is that Ryan’s larger than life persona and his mouth are a big part of why there is a ‘frat house’ feel to the Jets.

Ryan did not drink and drive, of course, but his attitude sets the tone for the Jets. So, his players are not the only ones who need to change.