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Brandon Jacobs In Right Frame Of Mind, Ready To Win Football Games

Brandon Jacobs had a bit of a rough patch earlier in the week with the whole helmet throwing incident which then turned into rumors of a trade request, though it seems all is well now according to an interview transcribed by Big Blue View’s Ed Valentine.

As far as the trade request, Jacobs notes that everything is taken care of by saying “There was always peace there. We went through it. We got it taken care of. We got it all out the way, and now it’s time to go out and perform and win football games.”

Jacobs also commented on Sunday night’s incident, apologizing to everyone involved.

[…] And the Indianapolis Colts organization as well and their fans and our fans, for the incident that, again, I didn’t mean for that to happen. I was angry. I should have never thrown the helmet to begin with, no matter where it went to. And a special apology to the fellow that caught it, I apologized to him and his family as well and everyone else who was in the area who could have been harmed. So those are my apologies, and I mean them 100 percent.

Don’t worry, though, Jacobs was also able to answer some football-related questions as well – including if he’ll be able to set the tone again like he’s been able to do in the past.

I can get out and set the physical tone when opportunity is given. That’s what I want to do. I want to get everybody jumping up right away so we can let these teams know that right off the bat that’s what this whole game is going to be like. This will get ready, and the next team that’s coming in the next week, it’s going to be like that for them as well. So that’s what I want to do. I want to send positive energy across to my football team.