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Mets Won't Shorten Citi Field Fences

ESPN New York is reporting that the New York Mets plan to make no changes to the spacious dimension of Citi Field, despite it being the hardest park in the National League to hit home runs in.

In Year 2 of Citi Field, there have been 1.34 homers per game between both teams.

According to HitTrackerOnline, that’s comfortably the fewest in the National League. Next up is San Diego’s Petco Park and Florida’s Sun Life stadium at 1.55 homers per game apiece, followed by St. Louis’ Busch Stadium at 1.57 homers per game.

On the high side, Arizona’s Chase Field has surrendered 2.48 homers per game and Milwaukee’s Miller Park 2.46 homers per game.

Including the American League, Citi Field ranks No. 28 in homers per game, ahead of only Seattle’s Safeco Field (1.22) and Oakland’s McAfee Coliseum (1.30).

I don’t like ‘band-box’ ballparks, but I absolutely don’t understand why some organizations build these Yellowstone National Park sized stadiums where the fans are a zillion miles away. It doesn’t make sense to me.