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Krill Kabanov Comes Late To Practice, Again

Krill Kabanov, who came late to practice a week ago—which earned him the wrath of head coach Scott Gordon—obviously didn’t learn his lesson. Here are the tweets from Katie Strang on the subject:

Don’t be surprised to see Kirill Kabanov bag-skated after practice…the 18-year-old showed up late again #Isles

Sure enough, Kabanov is being skated hard after morning session as punishment for being late. #Isles

Wow, is really the only word that I can think of on the subject. This year’s 3rd round pick was originally projected to be a top-five pick in this year’s NHL entry draft, but his stock dropped after some attitude issues. The Islanders took a risk on him, and he is living up to his billing. A ton of talent, but a ton of problems as well.

It will be interesting to see how Gordon handles this situation, aside from skating him into the ground as punishment. I would say that this would help him learn his lesson, but we’ve said that before. He better get his act together, and soon.