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Amare Stoudemire Living It Up: Will The Knicks Pay?

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Am I the only one a little concerned about how much time Amare Stoudemire has seemingly spent doing things other that have nothing to do with basketball since the New York Knicks handed him $100 million?

Amare seems to be everywhere around New York these days. Let's just say he is enjoying the New York spotlight. Question is, has he remembered to bring his 'A' game to the Big Apple or will it get lost by his seeming love for the bright lights?

Stoudemire is profiled in the New York Post's Page Six Magazine, and his love for the big city lifestyle is obvious.

Yes, there was his "The Knicks Are Back" proclamation within the story. There are other things, though, that might be troubling for a Knicks fan. As the article says "Amar'e is the new King of New York. He's loving every minute of it."

Photo shoots, fashion shows, paparazzi following him and fans screaming his name when he steps out of a limo around town. The Post article makes it obvious he is enjoying all of it.

Amare isn't just excited to be the team's newest star; he's ready to take the city by storm, on court and off. "New York is by far the best city in the world. The city is on fire. They're ready, and so am I," he says, beaming. He's not hugely chatty, but he's the opposite of camera-shy: He recently held a press conference on a double-decker New York sightseeing bus, complete with a "Welcome to New York" sign waving from the roof. He tweets pictures of his 136-foot-tall billboard in Times Square.
There is also this.
Amare, who has two publicists, a stylist and security detail in tow, is thoroughly enjoying a taste of the hoopla to come. "Women are definitely bold and come up and talk to me," he says, smiling. "They want to associate themselves with me. It's not a bad thing, being single." Already, he's making the city his oyster.
Not to begrudge Amare his spoils. He has his money and he is free to enjoy life as he sees fit. For the sake of the Knicks, though, I have to hope he remembers that he was brought here to play basketball. Not to be an 'A List' celebrity.