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Report: Brandon Jacobs Wants Trade From Giants

Brandon Jacobs tossed his helmet Sunday night. Now, apparently, he wants to toss himself off the New York Giants. Jacobs is reportedly going to ask for a trade today.

That should come as no surprise, and it certainly does not to Daily News Giants beat writer Ralph Vacchiano.

Now comes word, via a report this morning in the Bergen (N.J.) Record, that the volatile, 28-year-old Jacobs plans to meet with Giants GM Jerry Reese this afternoon and ask to be traded. This comes one day after Jacobs diminished his own trade value by tossing a helmet in the stands, snapping at a reporter, and rushing four times for a measly eight yards.

I haven’t been able to confirm that report yet, though one source in Jacobs’ camp said he "wouldn’t be surprised" if the running back did just that. Of course, the source warned, he’s also threatened to do it before. Only Jacobs knows if he’s serious this time around.

If he is, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jacobs’ blood has been boiling since last season when people started questioning his abilities during a year in which he rushed for only 835 yards. Jacobs later claimed he had suffered a knee injury in Week 1 and kept playing through it, which he later felt was a mistake.

This year, he’s been brooding since training camp when it was apparent that he had been demoted to No. 2 on the depth chart behind Ahmad Bradshaw. After the preseason finale, he told a reporter that it’s "hard to stay positive" in the backup role. Then he later snapped at a reporter when asked if he and Bradshaw needed to put their egos aside to co-exist.

Jacobs snapped at a different reporter last night too after yet another benign question - - and after apologizing for his helmet toss during his poor performance.

Jacobs also said this after the helmet toss and before hurling more expletives at the media: "I have a lot on me right now, you know what I mean? It’s not good. I just want to forget about all of this."

The Giants certainly need to do something. Jacobs is unhappy, and really not that productive any longer. Vote in the poll at Big Blue View to let us know what you think the Giants should do with him