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Antonio Cromartie: We Can Play Without Revis

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is not worried about the possibility of having to play without star cornerback Darrelle Revis for a week or two.

“There’s a lot of confidence. Our biggest thing in the secondary is going out there and communicating. I think the first half, we didn’t communicate well. In the second half, we communicated a lot more. We talked on every single play, even when we didn’t have to talk. It makes things a whole lot easier on our end to know where everybody (will be) and how everybody is going to play, Cromartie said.

“We had guys that stepped up during the week. Drew Coleman stepped up. Dwight Lowery stepped up and also Kyle Wilson, the rookie, stepped up. We have guys that have been in the league and know how to come in and get a job done. That’s exactly what they’ve done, so definitely.”

Of course it can’t hurt Cromartie’s confidence that the Jets are facing two of worst passing attacks in the NFL the next two weeks. This week’s opponent, Miami, ranks 28th and Buffalo, the Jets opponent the following week, is last in the league in passing offense.