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Brandon Jacobs Helmet Lands In Crowd, He Probably Lands In Trouble With NFL

You can be certain that the NFL will be handing out some type of punishment to Giants running back Brandon Jacobs after Sunday night, when he tossed his helmet into the stands in a fit of rage.

As the Star-Ledger’s Mike Garafolo said, the NFL “fines players for throwing footballs into the crowd.”

Jacobs was apologetic.

"I was a little mad, but to be honest with you, it was a mistake," Jacobs said. "It got caught onto the sticky leather of my gloves.

"I did not mean to do that and everybody who knows me knows I did not mean to do something like that. The whole world could fall down on me and I wouldn’t have done anything like that.

"I apologize to Indy, first of all, and their fans, our organization. It’s just something that happened that shouldn’t have happened."

Jacobs, who said he also apologized to the fan who caught the helmet, didn’t play much afterward, but coach Tom Coughlin attributed that to the fact the Giants were playing from behind.

Still, Coughlin was upset with Jacobs on the drive before he tossed his helmet. On a designed run to the right side, Jacobs cut back to the left, a la Ahmad Bradshaw, and was dropped by Antoine Bethea for no gain.

"We see too much of that east and west stuff," said Coughlin, who was yelling and waving his arms after the play. "Find some place to go and get up (the field)."

Jacobs has officially become a problem for the Giants. He isn’t running well, he isn’t happy and now his immature behavior has become a distraction.