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Calls Situation a 'Slap In The Face' To Revis

When you’re being attacked, you can always count on your grandmother to come to your defense.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini went hunting for Darrelle Revis in Aliquippa, Pa., recently. He did not find him, but he did find Revis’ grandmother, Aileen Gilbert. And she gave Cimini an earful in defense of her grandson.

“Darrelle does what he does because he loves it,” she said, sitting at her dining-room table. "For this to be happening to him, it’s almost like a slap in the face, because he’s not appreciated.

“I know he wants to play, but Darrelle understands contract negotiations,” she said, wearing the local school’s colors — an orange Aliquippa High T-shirt. "Some players don’t get it, but Darrelle can read a contract. I think he’s comfortable with his decision [to hold out] because he knows what he was told by the Jets and he knows what he’s worth.

“People are trying to portray him as greedy, but he has outperformed his contract,” she continued. “For them to put him in this position is just unreal.”

Take that Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum. Do not mess with a ticked off grandma.