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Report: Giants Listened, But That's All

Forget those Matt Leinart to the New York Giants rumors. The New York Daily News says the Giants have no interest in the Arizona quarterback.

The phone rang, the Giants answered, they talked, they hung up.

And that’s about as close as Matt Leinart came to becoming the Giants backup quarterback on Wednesday.

There apparently was nothing much more to it than that, according to a source familiar with the teams’ discussions. The Cardinals were the ones who called the Giants, the source said, knowing that they may need a backup to Eli Manning now that Jim Sorgi is on injured reserve. Giants GM Jerry Reese, as he always does, listened and he may have even discussed the possibility inside the organization.

But according to the source, the Giants don’t have any interest in Leinart, a former first-round pick who is due more than $10 million in salary alone in the next two years. The salary plus whatever the Cardinals would want in trade make it nearly impossible for them to consider and untested 27-year-old who has started just 17 games in his four NFL seasons.

Good news for Rhett Bomar, and probably for the Giants.