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Sather: 'Impossible To Tell' What Roster Will Look Like

New York Rangers General Manager Glen Sather met with reporters today during training camp. He spoke about a wide array of topics, including his future, the salary cap and what he is looking for as the team structures its roster.

Here is his quote about the type of players he wants on the Rangers.

“Well I like 23 guys that are aggressive, come to play every night, they’re all hungry to win, determined to win, respectful, win every game. If anybody tells you at this time of year they know exactly the way the team is going to look, they’re just giving you some sense they know more than anybody else does. I think it’s really impossible to tell now. They’re so many good young kids that come in and take some veteran spots. At the same time, if the veteran is going to give his spot away, he doesn’t deserve to be. The more kids we have on this team, the better off we are. We want to keep the core the way it’s been growing the last couple of years. But that’s not to say some other young guy can’t take one of those guys job, then what you can do is trade him and find another asset to help you down the road. That’s the way your organization gets better.”