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Eli Manning More Relaxed Heading Into Second Career Showdown With Peyton

Sunday Night Football, two Manning brothers at the controls. Sounds like a recipe for a good football game and a heck of a lot of hype. As Eli mentioned though to Boomer & Carton on WFAN Thursday, the circumstances this time around are a bit different than when the two brothers faced each other for the first time.

On if he gets tired of talking about Peyton:

“It’s been a lot better this year playing the Colts. With the fact that it’s the second game of the season. Last time we played them, it was the first time we had played them and it was the first game of the season so we had about four months where that was all anyone wanted to talk about it. This year, week two, you really only have to talk about it for one week. I think we have to have fun with it, just to enjoy the experience and how rare it is. We want to win. He got me last time we played. We are going to be fighting hard.”

Manning also talked about recovering from the viscious hit he took in the preseason against Rex Ryan’s Jets defense:

On if he realized how serious the preseason hit against the Jets was when it happened:

“I didn’t originally. I kind of watched the film and I saw I put my hand up to my head and knew I got hit there on the head. I saw the blood gushing out, I started to run off and thought, ‘Maybe I’ll take a knee and see how this works out for a second.’ I ran to the sideline. When you are bleeding, you know something is wrong, but when you can’t see it, you don’t know what it looks like. I am over there and they were putting pressure on it to cover it up. They took it off and Shaun O’Hara was to my right. I saw his expression on his face and I knew it was pretty bad. That didn’t look good at all. I wasn’t in great pain. That’s what I was happy about. I got cut on it. They took me in and stitched me up. That night I had some discomfort. The next day, no pain, no swelling. It’s healed up nicely now and I’ve got a cool scar to talk about.”

Who’s ready for some Week 2 NFL football?