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Namath Not Done

Every Thursday night, New York Jets’ legend Joe Namath joins the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio in New York for a short segment. It’s already clear that Namath has no problem speaking his mind. He ripped the Jets’ performance on Monday night, calling out the offense and the play-calling in particular. On Thursday night, Broadway Joe made his final remarks about last Monday’s game

"I don’t know if it set them up for a hard fall. You know, they could have won the game with a big play here or there. But to me, again, the more that goes on off the field is a focus-breaker, the less time you have to think about your job. It’s very similar to ball players reading the critics. To me, you’re looking for a beating, because I can remember myself wanting to see my name in the papers as a little boy, following the stuff and all. It’s always exciting to see your name, but in the meantime, when things aren’t going well, it’s a major distraction for you. You get hurt reading about yourself not doing well, and when it’s not correct, you get furious and you end up wasting time thinking about. I think all the ballplayers out to stop reading about themselves and just go about their business. That way they’d have more clear heads to think about their job. But yes, I’ve got to believe that this Hard Knocks stuff was a distraction of a nature that didn’t allow them as much time to think about the job.

Namath was then asked if he thinks Sanchez has the potential to be a top-flight QB:

“Capable, yes, how fast, we don’t know…”