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'Highly Unlikely' Jason Bay Will Play Again This Season

New York Mets outfielder Jason Bay told ESPN New York Wednesday that it is "highly unlikely’ he will play until next season.

Bay has been out since July 23 with a concussion.

“Given the lack of things that I’ve done at this point to get back on there, I understand it’s probably highly unlikely, but it’s still a goal,” Bay said. ""I hate to sit here right now and say I’m not going to play again, and that’s it. … Every day that passes and you don’t take these giant leaps forward, you realize you’re that much further behind. I realize the ramifications of the days and where you’re at. I’m not going to squash it, but I also realize."

The Mets are not playing for anything, so no reason for Bay to push it if he isn’t completely ready to play, especially since he would be in Spring Training mode.