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Mark Sanchez Defends Play-Calling

Mark Sanchez is not showing much respect to his elders, slinging darts back at Joe Namath today following Broadway Joe’s criticism of Sanchez and the Jets offense.

""Joe likes to sling it because that’s kind of the offense they had back then. But we have a great running game, and we would never want to abandon that," Sanchez said. “I think we just wanted to be smart, we hit a long pass to Dustin, and we [are flagged for an illegal shift]. It’s like, ’There’s the vertical passing game for you!”

“We just shot ourselves in the foot. I don’t think it had anything to do with the play-calling. I know Schotty wants a couple of plays back, like you do every game, but we all had our share in this loss.”

Seems like Namath is intent on being vocal about the Jets, considering his earlier warnings to Rex Ryan about his braggadoccio.

If Namath is going to offer this analysis every week, things could get interesting.