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Marc Staal And Rangers Agree On Five-Year Pact

As per Bob McKenzie the New York Rangers have agreed to a five-year deal with RFA Marc Staal. The terms according to the tweets of Larry Brooks:

NYP_Brooksie: Staal’s deal 5 yrs, $3.975M per…both sides win

I personally couldn’t agree more, Staal re-signing for under $4 million is actually surprising since a ton of people were expecting a salary near or at the $4.5 million mark. The Rangers were able to get Staal for a long-term contract, and keep his salary nice and low. This was a huge move for the Rangers and it ties the biggest loose end of the off-season in New York. 

Regardless, this was the final piece to Glen Sather’s masterful off-season. The best part is that he got it done right before camp, so Staal wont have to miss any time with the team. There will be no tension between John Tortorella and Stall for him not being in camp, and he will be conditioned properly with the rest of the team; which will result in no rust when the season starts. 

Now if we could just get Wade Redden to Hartford.