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Albert Haynesworth: Pursue or No?

The guy's physical skills are enticing. There's a reason he is available, though. I'm usually for rolling the dice on big talent when all it would cost is a mid to late round Draft pick. This is a definite exception, though. Perhaps he would embrace playing for Rex Ryan like so many do. Perhaps he would be fine playing in a 3-4 here. The problem is the Jets would depend on this guy if they got him. This is very tempermental guy who has frankly acted like a selfish baby the past few months. What would happen if he decided he didn't like the system or wasn't getting enough playing time or thought it was too cloudy overhead for him to play hard? It's worth nothing that those two All Pro seasons happened to come when he was without a contract for the next year. He may have Jenkins' ability but none of his commitment to team or work ethic.