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Ex-Giant Amani Toomer Takes Shot At Jets

Former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer took a shot at the brash New York Jets during an appearance on “Rome Is Burning” Thursday.

“It’s like whistling in the graveyard,” Toomer said on Thursday’s “Rome Is Burning,” according to

“When you’re in the graveyard, a little kid, you’re a little bit scared. You start whistling to convince yourself that there’s nothing wrong. I think that’s what the Jets are doing. They have a lot of pressure on ‘em, and they feel like if they say just go out there and say what everybody else thinking, it’s going to make all their problems go away.”

Toomer joins a long line of former NFL players who are taken aback by the way the Jets are conducting themselves. Former Giants teammate Antonio Pierce was one of them.

“I don’t remember the last time … a team that has started off the season talking about winning a Super Bowl has actually done it at the end of the year,” Toomer said.

There are 31 NFL teams that would like to help drive a stake through the Jets’ hearts this season. Rex Ryan has not done his team any favors by painting a great big target on their chests.