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Hip Injury Affecting Antonio Cromartie?

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is reportedly fighting a hip injury, and there is speculation that an injury which caused him to have a poor 2008 season has resurfaced.

Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News reports that Cromartie was icing his hip after practice on Tuesday, and that coach Rex Ryan downplayed the condition in his daily press conference.

“I figured I’d float it out there, ‘Now they need Revis more than ever,’” Ryan said. “Cromartie missed two plays of team period.”

During the offseason, Cromartie missed some reps during minicamp practices due to a “fatigued” hip. But it was the left hip, not the right hip.

This time, it’s the right hip. And it’s the right hip that was fractured in 2008.

If Cromartie were to be limited that would be another blow to a Jets defense already without holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis and injured linebacker Calvin Pace.