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Darrelle Revis' Agents Have Presented Jets With New Contract Proposal

Darrelle Revis, perhaps the best cornerback in the NFL, hasn’t reported to the New York Jets’ training camp because he and his agents are looking for a new contract.

After Jets head coach Rex Ryan said Monday morning that the team was “preparing like he’s not going to be here,” Revis’ agents proposed a new deal to the Jets according to ESPN New York.

(One of Revis’ agents, Michael) Schwartz refused to reveal any specifics from their written proposal, but it’s said to be a creative package that addresses the Jets’ concerns about a large signing bonus. The Jets’ last offer came on the eve of training camp, but it included a small amount of guaranteed money — about $5 million in 2010. Revis was so upset that it sealed his decision to stage a holdout.

Tuesday could be a key date in the stalemate. By rule, if a holdout doesn’t report by Aug. 10, he doesn’t get credit for 2010 as an accrued season. Basically, that means he loses a year toward free agency. That might cause some players to re-consider their stance, but the Aug. 10 deadline will have no bearing on Revis’ thinking, according to sources close to the Jets’ star. As one source said, “He’s dug in.”

First-round draft pick Kyle Wilson is currently working with the first-team defense.