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Safety Gets About a Dozen Plays

Safety Kenny Phillips, sidelined since Week 2 of the 2009 season with an arthritic knee condition that required micro-fracture surgery, practiced with the New York Giants today for the first time this season.

Phillips did individual drills and took about 12 snaps, working in a rotation where he took only two snaps at any given time. Coach Tom Coughlin said the Giants will "feed him back in slow, real slow." Phillips will not play in next Monday's exhibition opener against the New York Jets.

"We had him out there, which was good and gave him a couple of snaps on each drill," Coughlin said. "He did OK. He hit the ground once, which was good."

Phillips spoke to the media following the practice.

"I wasn't worried about my knee at all," he said regarding a play in which he got knocked down. "I jumped right back up and tried to get back to the ball."

Phillips has remained positive for the past several months during his rehabilitation. While others doubted he could return from patellofemoral arthritis, he did not.

"I had no doubts. The trainers and doctors assured me I could make a full recovery, so I had no doubts at all."

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