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Donnie Walsh Not a Big Isiah Thomas Fan

When the New York Post and New York Daily News agree on something, you know something’s up. And both stories ran articles today on how mad Donnie Walsh is with his organization that they rehired Isiah Thomas.
Via Marc Berman:

According to a Knicks source, Walsh told Thomas in a face-to-face meeting two weeks ago he did not want him working for the organization. Dolan and Thomas had agreed that Thomas could fill the team’s general manager vacancy if Walsh was OK with it.
When Walsh told Thomas he objected, Thomas went back to Dolan, who still has a love affair with the Hall of Famer and seemingly is on a mission to rehab Thomas’ image.

And via Frank Isola:

The Daily News has learned that Donnie Walsh considered resigning after Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan made the controversial move to hire Thomas, but Walsh decided to continue running the team despite his objections to Thomas having a role in the front office.