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Isiah Thomas Hired as Knicks "Consultant"

I just don't get it.

Isiah Thomas is back in the New York Knicks organization as a consultant, two years after he was fired as coach and team president.

The Knicks announced Thomas' role Friday, saying he would "assist the team's senior management in various capacities, including player recruitment."


Thomas will remain head coach at Florida International University while engaging in this part-time role. I'm still confused as to why you'd rehire the man whose actions Donnie Walsh just spent two years trying to completely undo, and still came up slightly short, but, I am not James Dolan. Obviously, the various parts of internet are laughing at New York right now, but I think the winner thus far is Russ Bengston of Slam Magazine, via Twitter.

"Hey Isiah, should we sign this guy?" "Yes, absolutely." *covers phone* "DON'T F*CKING SIGN HIM!" *uncovers phone* "Thanks a lot, Zeke!"

On the plus side, this would seem to remove Thomas from the running currently vacant General Manager position.