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Knicks Beat Writers Wary Of Isiah Thomas' Return

Alan Hahn, who covers the Knicks for New York Newsday, isn’t on board with New York’s decision to hire former head coach and GM Isiah Thomas as a consultant. Check this message from Hahn’s Twitter account:

…It’s no secret the Garden has wanted to help Isiah rehab his name in the NBA. He desperately wants back in. This is a dangerous move.

Few journalists, if any, know the Knicks better than Hahn does, so it’s got to alarm some Knicks fans that he doesn’t offer any optimism, either.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, meanwhile, passed along this depressing prediction:


I told you Isiah was coming back. Within one year he’ll be the Knicks president and/or head coach

Thomas compiled a 56-108 record as the Knicks’ head coach, the second-worst win percentage (.341) of any coach in franchise history with a minimum of 164 games. You’d think New York would have learned its lesson by now, but you might be wrong.