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Four Jets to Watch

Gang Green Nation has its eye on four Jets ready to have breakout years. Braylon Edwards, Brodney Pool, Nick Mangold, and David Harris are on the list. On Edwards:

The acquisition of Santonio Holmes will help draw coverage from opposing secondaries, limiting the double-teams we saw Braylon go up against last season. Edwards is big, he likes to play physical, and he is EXPLOSIVE. I don't know any CB in the NFL that can contain him sans Charles Woodson and Darrelle Revis. If you don't play him physical with press coverage, he will eat you alive. His explosiveness and athleticism makes him very fun to watch. Let's go back to what critics have said about him, his dropped passes. With Braylon, I don't think it's a mechanical thing, rather more of a concentration issue. He has good hands, as we saw from his college days back at Michigan. In this regard, I think he is comparable to Terrell Owens, who was always good at getting open, but lacked the eye-hand coordination to consistently catch the ball. Edwards has been working hard on this in the offseason, and I think it will pay dividends. After this season, Browns' fans will be more miserable than when Lebron James left Ohio, because Braylon Edwards is going to have a career year.
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