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Hakeem Nicks Returns To Practice

On Tuesday, Giants fans held their breath when Hakeem Nicks sustained what appeared to potentially be an unfortunate and serious knee injury. Just two days later, Nicks is back on the practice field and confident that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about moving forward.

“I didn’t think there was nothing wrong, but it was something I wanted to get checked out because it was like for that slight second, I felt a little something,” Nicks said Thursday. "But I felt like I was fine.

“I just came down straight-legged and hyperextended it a little bit. They wanted to check it out just to make sure it was nothing serious because it looked a lot worse.”

Good news considering Nicks missed significant time during his rookie season with injuries. He’s still a guy to keep an eye on at all times though until he shows some sort of ability to stay healthy for prolonged stretches.