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Mark Sanchez Making Big Strides As Leader In Year Two

Wow, talk about a glowing report coming out of Jets’ training camp. Mark Sanchez continues to impress with his maturation as a team leader. Get a load of this glowing account by Menish Mehta of the Daily News:

Four days into training camp, it’s impossible not to notice Sanchez’s transformation from unsure rookie to unquestioned team leader. From his improved hard cadence at the line of scrimmage to his willingness to accept ownership for his mistakes, Sanchez resembles a 10-year veteran more than a second-year signal-caller.

But why take it from Mehta when we can hear directly from the man himself. Sanchez had this to say about his transformation heading into year two as the signal caller of the Jets:

“This is my team,” Sanchez said after the morning practice Wednesday. “This is my offense. You need to own it….When you walk in a room, people should know: That’s the quarterback. That’s our guy.”

Love it. A bit cliched but still very true. A big part of that though is the willingness to put in more work than the rest and own up to and learn from the mistakes that are naturally and unequivocally going to come. Sounds like Sanchez is more than on the right track.