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Add Joe Namath To The List Of Jets Believers

Jets fans may beginning to develop mixed emotions about the sky high expectations that continue to mount for Rex Ryan’s team. On the one hand, it’s nice to know the club should be a legitimate contender in the AFC East. On the other hand, it’s rare that teams with this much hype are able to back it up all the way to the Super Bowl. It’s hard enough to win in the NFL; it’s even harder when teams are gunning for you.

Anyway, add one more to the list who believes the Jets are the team to beat in the NFL this year – Joe Namath.

“This team that I’m looking at today is more suited to be able to follow through with a championship than what we’ve had out there,” Namath said after a morning practice shortened by lightning today. "I don’t know if any of you can remember a team that we’ve had with this kind of defense or the kind of people we have now in the (skill positions).

“I never dreamt that it would be a long time coming to get another championship with the NY Jets,” he added.

Namath went on to say that this year’s Jets team is much more confident than his ’68 team ever was during their magical SB season.

“They have more swagger than we had, that’s for sure,” Namath said. “We have a team we’re expecting a lot out of this year.”

Swagger is good. Over-confidence is a slippery slope, though. Should be a rocking year at The Meadowlands regardless of how the season shakes out.